Rit Gofwen


Honours Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering Saint Louis University


Rit is a graduate of Saint Louis University, where she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering (Honours) on the pre-medical track. She has diverse interests and values interdisciplinary problem solving. While completing her undergraduate studies, she participated in research to design an assistive tablet case that would aid blind and visually impaired learners. She is passionate about contributing to work that helps people: in healthcare, social equity, and environmental justice.

Rit was raised with a waste-conscious mindset and carries an ingrained value of responsible stewardship of our planet. She became interested in pursuing a career in Sustainability while taking an elective, interdisciplinary class – Ideas of Mass Disruption. This class pushed her to think beyond convention and fostered an interest in circular economy, leading her to seek opportunities in Sustainability. Currently, Rit works at Procter & Gamble’s Product Supply Division, where she manages Supply Chain Projects in the Arabian Peninsula region. She is most passionate about projects that drive not only cost savings, but positive environmental impact as well.

Rit considers herself a global citizen. She loves to volunteer, travel, and be immersed in culture. She enjoys exploring her surroundings and trying new foods, activities, and experiences. She also enjoys being active through yoga, boxing, hiking and circuit training.