Aravinth Raghavan


Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering • University of California - Davis


Aravinth graduated from the University of California - Davis in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. Through his exposure to witnessing natural forests being exploited for purposes such as palm oil plantations in Malaysia, he gained a deep interest in corporate sustainability and mitigating their effects on the environment. These experiences coupled with courses and clubs related to renewable energy and green engineering further fueled his interests in this field.

Throughout his college career, Aravinth was involved in various engineering clubs focused on sustainable transportation such as OneLoop which focuses on Hyperloop technology. In his time there as Track Manager, he led the business team into writing a whitepaper proposal detailing the positive effects of a Hyperloop track across cities in California as the primary method of mass transportation due to their usage of renewable energy.  In the past, Aravinth has also seen the physical damage caused by climate change when he volunteered at Habitat for Humanity in Medan, Indonesia. During this period, he led a student team in aiding to reconstruct a village home that had been flooded due to heavy rainfall. By witnessing the first-hand struggles of impoverished communities as collateral damage due to climate change, he realized the importance of global sustainable growth specifically in relation to multinational companies. Furthermore, in his time spent interning at Daimler AG, Aravinth performed an analysis on the assembly line of vehicles where operations could be optimized and made more efficient. Through these findings, numerous standard industry practices could be altered to reduce emissions and maintain output.

In his free time, Aravinth is an avid basketball fan and regularly plays the sport. Aside from this, he also enjoys hiking, spending time in nature and learning about new cultures.

Aravinth's MScSM Internship: Liberty Utilities

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