Sabarri Kumaravel


Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering • Anna University


Sabarri recently graduated from Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering (Anna University) with a first class degree in Chemical Engineering, India.  Sabarri has a passion for sustainability and clean development with a goal to bring environmental changes and sustainable development in the surrounding he is in.

Sabarri has conducted researches in his undergraduate degree including, “harvesting electricity through sound energy”; “Microbial degradation of plastics” and “Workings and characteristics of dye sensitized solar cells” to look further into sustainable ways of harvesting energy; disposal of waste and the implementation of new methods apart from the conventional ways to produce energy which are more efficient and cleaner. By taking part in various beach clean-up projects in school and a greenhouse incentive, Sabarri has developed a strong inclination towards maintaining a clean and green environment for the present society and up-coming generations. Having being involved in two MUN conferences, Sabarri has developed decorum for the procedure government, policies and enforcements work and has a good understanding of its workings and how to work with them and guide firms according to them.

Sabarri has attended a junior conference in Australia in 2008 (year 6) for an international students meet and environmental discussion and also attended an ICE conference in 2012 which looked at topics of climate change and sustainability concerns which were arising and ways in which people can implement them into their lives. Apart from this Sabarri has also contributed in an global campus worldwide expedition to Tanzania in 2014 to help construct homes for the less fortunate using sustainable materials and teach the students there; developing a sense of international connection and unity towards growth and sustainability. Sabarri was also the Chief Financial Officer (CFO ) of the student body in school and in charge of all funds and transactions involved with student development activity, sponsorship activities and fundraisers; enhancing the leadership skills of Sabarri

Sabarri is an out-going, sporty, easy to mingle and amiable person who loves to listen to music and weight training outside the professional environment. Sabarri enjoys watching movies and traveling to different destinations, absorbing their different cultures, traditions and interacting with the locals.  

Sabarri's MScSM Internship: Greenhouse Juice Company Ltd.


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