Roshni Mohan


Bachelor of Technology, Chemical Engineering • Anna University


Roshni holds a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering at Sri Venkateswara College Of Engineering, Chennai, India. She took a special interest in environmental science, wastewater treatment, energy engineering as well as thermodynamics.  Her undergraduate thesis was based on creatively solving the problem of industrial effluents causing a high grade of water and environmental pollution. It was titled ‘Biodegradation of Dye effluents using Algal Technology’ facilitated by the Phycospectrum Environmental Research Centre (PERC), a premier institutional facility for research in the field of environmental science. The outcome was quite successful and was adapted as the concept for a venture called “Seagrass Technologies Pvt Ltd.” Roshni is interested specifically in environmental policy, climatic change related solutions and water management. The thesis led to developing a case study about water pollution in Kathmandu Valley, Yamuna river and its effects on the people of Delhi and Varanasi.

Roshni worked as a Product Consultant at Freshworks Inc. where she was primarily involved in account management for enterprise clients in UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East as well as Australia over the last three years. She gained extensive experience in client management, corporate relations, product marketing, and creating effective presentations. She has volunteered with The Orange Leaf on beach clean-ups and in organizing reading camps for under-priviliedged children, as well as green drives in local communities.  She's an Instagram Sustainability Ambassador, promoting local markets selling sustainable products, running plastic-free lifestyle campaigns and is a brand ambassador for "You and Iyal". 

Post Freshworks, she took a three month research internship at “Seagrass Technologies” where she gained intensive experience of working with algae, testing on real life water models as well as marketing domain for the protein products made with the leftover biomass. She picked up freelance projects, working for organisations on sustainable campaigns - particularly, she did a marketing strategy for an architectural firm called “Archstory” promoting the sustainable features of brass. She also worked with a locally run organisation in Chennai to gain the city corporation’s attention on solid waste management which involved social media campaigns, running forums and panel discussions on issues due to improper waste treatment in cities.

She is passionately involved in debates and model united nations which are primarily focused on environmental concerns, gender equality, and social-economic issues.  Roshni has had continuous representation in MUNs for developing nations in the ECOSOC committee.Having worked with clients in the energy domain, Roshni is quite intrigued by renewable energy innovations, aware of corporate social responsibility and has taken initiatives in the workplace to create a plastic-free environment. She also worked for AIESEC, a youth run organisation where she acquired skills such as team management, leadership qualities event management, campaigning strategies as well as business development.

An adventure junkie passionate about penguins, otters and every other animal that is cute but threatened by human intervention. She enjoys playing basketball, travelling, reading and planning her next trip to an off-beat location!

Roshni's MScSM Internship: BOMA Canada


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