Youssef Bouchi


Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering • American University of Beirut


Despite his passion for philosophy and politics, Youssef graduated from the American University of Beirut with a B.E. in Mechanical Engineering. During his undergraduate years, he was an active member of the AUB Secular Club, which aimed at eradicating the sectarian political system and the segregation it continues to perpetuate in Lebanon.

During his semester abroad in 2018 at Lund University, Sweden, Youssef was inspired to write an article addressing women in Lebanon—as he is the son of a Lebanese woman who cannot pass him her citizenship as a result of Lebanon’s utter negligence of women’s rights—and had it published with L’Orient-Le Jour, a prominent newspaper in the region. Throughout writing it, he realized how his identity complex belonged to a lineage of problems that may seem unrelated, yet are traced back to some origin: sustainability—or its lack thereof. He believes that the human life is lived in accordance with a set framework; under a framework of incessant awareness to our environment and our place in it, it becomes self-evident that social struggles are not only repaired, but also and more importantly prevented.

Youssef enjoys dedicating time to words; he reads, writes, and loves holding stimulating conversations. As such, he hopes to be able to mediate his words for positive impact, and is confident that the MScSM program provides him with the arsenal to do so.

Youssef's MScSM Internship: Enwave


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