Allan Huang


Bachelor of Applied Science - Nanotechnology Engineering • University of Waterloo


Allan graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2020 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Nanotechnology Engineering. During his undergraduate degree, Allan explored various fields in science and engineering in which sustainability was being considered. Such topics included advanced materials for sustainable energy, biomaterials, energy systems engineering, and polymer materials science. These studies reinforced Allan’s interests in sustainable energy, sustainable materials, and climate change.

Upon returning from his final co-op position at the National Research Council – Energy, Mining, and Environment, he overloaded his schedule with an Energy Systems Engineering course, and learned about the ways responsible energy generation is not only a technical, but also a social issue. Allan strives to contribute to helping mitigate climate change and the transition to a greener future. As such, together with his friends and classmates, they designed an environmentally friendly, controlled release fertilizer for their Fourth Year (Capstone) Design Project.

During his spare time, Allan enjoys cooking, baking, and enjoying new food with friends. He also enjoys experimenting with digital art, reading, gaming, exercising, and playing music. When the pandemic is over, he plans on spending his vacations exploring the world and sightseeing with friends.

Allan's MScSM Internship: Carbon Neutral Technology

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Allan's Research Poster


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