Alex Loparto



Bachelor of Business Administration • Bryant University

Alex was voted Vice President Finance of MScSM Student Executive Council (MSEC) for the 2020-2021 academic year. 


Alex recently graduated from Bryant University where she obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in finance and a minor in economics.  Her interest lies in the intersection of the worlds of business and sustainability. She hopes to play a hand in normalizing the incorporation of social and environmental factors in business decision making and practices.

Her interest in sustainability was birthed from her involvement in Rotary International.  She has been a Rotarian since 2015 and she founded a Rotaract Club in Smithfield, RI—where she attended undergrad—called the Financial Inclusion and Rotaract Association (FIRA) in 2018. At Bryant, she realized the power of using finance as a tool for value creation, not just profit-maximization. This perspective was not taught in her curriculum, so she took it upon herself to create awareness of the various uses of finance within her community.  FIRA focuses on how to use the knowledge students accumulate and encourages members to put that education to action through participating in various local and global service projects.  For the past two years, Alex also interned for Bucknam, Masseur and Associates, which is a financial advisory firm.  She noticed their investment strategy lacked ESG consideration and focused mainly on historical data. She devoted her efforts towards educating the advisors about the risk mitigation opportunities that this metric may provide and how to use it.  Alex updated the algorithm used in the security selection process to include sustainability and controversy consideration to negatively screen equities with poor performance in these areas.

In her spare time, Alex enjoys figure skating and was a competitive figure skater for 15 years.  Her other interests include reading, following the markets and spending time on the beach in her home town of Cape Cod, MA. 

Alex's MScSM Internship: Ameriprise


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