Jayden Kuzdak




Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science • University of Toronto at Mississauga


Jayden graduated with an Honor’s Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto at Mississauga in 2019 with a major in environmental science and minors in biology and environmental science. Jayden developed his interests in environmental sciences, biology, and sustainability through his passion for fitness and healthy eating, recognizing that food is an extremely impactful way for humans to interface with the environment. Throughout his undergrad, Jayden refined his interests in sustainability, ultimately lending his focus to sustainable agriculture.

In his final year as an undergrad, Jayden wrote an honors thesis after travelling to Ecuador to visit farms and producers throughout the country. His research explores farmers’ attribution of local climatic impacts on production to global climate change, as well as the potential of developing indices of agroecosystem resilience based on local and traditional ecological knowledge. During the period between his undergrad and the start of his MScSM cohort, Jayden continued his research of sustainable agriculture while working full-time and took advantage of his time between programs to travel many destinations throughout the world.

Jayden spends much of his free time outside either hiking or exercising and he also practices and competes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Outside of sustainability, Jayden finds an interest in psychopharmacology and transpersonal psychology, something which he found captivating during his undergraduate psychology studies, prior to switching to a program in environmental science.


Jayden's MScSM Internship: Area One Farms


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Jayden's Research Poster

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