Ty Bryant

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Bachelor of Science, Biology & Environment, Sustainability and Society • Dalhousie University


Originating from a multi-generational family background in resort management in the township of Muskoka Lakes, Ty has a deep interest in the close-knit relationships between human urbanization, biodiversity and aquatic systems. In the coastal city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Ty completed his undergraduate degree in Biology & Environmental, Sustainability and Society (double major) at Dalhousie University. While completing his degree, Ty supplemented his coursework by completing a certificate focused on leadership in sustainability.  The east coast provided Ty with several academic and professional opportunities to participate in laboratory and field research while analyzing aquatic and terrestrial life.

With a desire to better understand diversity across cultures and markets, Ty has worked to maintain a global mindset by perusing numerous global travel and volunteer opportunities.  His most recent trek brought him to the island of Maui where he put sustainable living into practice by completing a long-term work stay program at the Kahua Institute. On island Ty learned the basics of off-grid energy production, sustainable building, organic farming and permaculture systems as well as exploring mindfulness through yoga and meditation.

With roots firmly in nature conservation, Ty is eager to collaborate with a variety of today’s sustainability leaders to innovate creative solutions for projects that are addressing issues pertaining to all pillars of sustainable development.  

Ty's MScSM Internship: Government of Nova Scotia

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