Prateek Gandotra

Prateek Gandotra


Prateek graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Panjab University in 2018. During the first year of his undergraduate studies, he was a member of the university Enactus (social entrepreneurship) team through which he gained ground level experience in sustainability projects. As part of the cohort, he was involved in campaigns focusing on clean cooking fuels and safe drinking water accessibility. 

After graduating from university, his professional career kickstarted with GreyB Services, a patent/IP consulting & research firm. Throughout his time at GreyB, he interacted with several patent attorneys, researchers and inventors, including individuals working on sustainable technologies. He had the opportunity to consult a major specialty chemicals company looking to expand into material recovery business. He also worked on technologies such as renewable energy (solar & wind), HVAC efficiency, secondary batteries and waste recycling. His time at GreyB enabled him to witness progress in sustainability from an angle often shielded from the general public and at the same time he realized the indispensable connection between sustainability and intellectual property. He is specifically interested in sustainability advancements in the automotive/transport sector and renewable energy. He also authored an article exploring the sustainability proliferation in the automotive sector (sustainable fuel, hydrogen technology and EVs) by surveying patent filing trends. In addition to this, Prateek also worked with a sustainability focused start-up where his primary task involved development of parameters for eco-mark certification. 

In his spare time, he enjoys playing sports like tennis and soccer, watching a broad spectrum of professional sports and studying/learning about the histories of different countries/cultures.  

Prateek's MScSM Internship: CUTRIC


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