Xinghao Zheng


Honours Bachelor of Arts, Minor in Agriculture • University of Guelph


Xinghao graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Food and Agricultural Economics from the University of Guelph in 2023. Her studies instilled a deep understanding of sustainable development in organic farming and the economics of agricultural commodities. She explored the critical interconnections between sustainable practices, the organic agriculture industry, economics, food, and policy.

Xinghao served as a Laboratory Research Assistant at the Chengdu Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Affairs Sciences in China. Here, she monitored the growth cycle of 18 different potato types and participated in potato sowing experiments in rural areas. Her marketing strategies, based on local market trends analysis, played a crucial role in the successful sale of potato harvests.

As part of a University of Guelph Organic Agriculture department group, she consulted for Zocalo Organics, where her team worked to improve the farm's practices by enhancing infrastructure, biodiversity, marketing, and land use. Their research and recommendations aimed to assist Zocalo Organics in enhancing their farming system.

When Xinghao isn't knee-deep in data or helping farms go green, you can find her playing in the dirt of her urban balcony garden or revamping rooms like a DIY diva. She's a self-confessed movie buff, a music lover, and a bookworm, always on the lookout for her next favorite film, song, or novel. In the kitchen, she's a culinary globetrotter, whipping up dishes from various cultures. And if she's nowhere to be found, she's probably off hiking, communing with nature.