Elyse Muir


Bachelor of Science (Hons.), Biology • Queen's University

April 2022 - Congratulations to Elyse Muir, Alannah Hoops, Lara Brooks, Xi Shao, and Angelic Chow for third place win (out of 43 entries) in the RBC x Rotman Sustainable Finance Case Competion!


Elyse graduated from Queen’s University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science (Honours, with Distinction) in Biology. She found her passion for sustainability through a Global and Population Health elective, studying the development of community-driven socio-economic programs, which challenged her to look at issues holistically. In her final year, Elyse wrote an Honours thesis titled, “A multi-scale investigation of the effects of the invasive European beachgrass on U.S. Pacific coastal dune flora.” While approaching her research from an ecological mindset, the thesis also considered stakeholder concerns of the social and economic impacts and benefits behind the persistence of the invasive beachgrass.

During her undergraduate degree and leading up to her MScSM program, Elyse has worked in the private, public and academic sectors. This background has provided her with a unique perspective on the application of sustainable development within these sectors. Elyse is also a proponent for integrating sustainability into school curriculums, which she championed in her undergraduate volunteer roles. Throughout her work and academic studies, Elyse honed her ability to use evidence-based reasoning to understand and solve problems as well as handle emotional objections. These skills are central to effective decision-making and advancing projects and programs.

In her downtime, Elyse enjoys outdoor activities, including snowboarding, hiking and playing tennis, in addition to fine-tuning her culinary skills as she seeks to find the perfect Nanaimo bar recipe. 

Elyse's MScSM Internship: CIBC

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