Tea Pesheva


Bachelor of Science • Sustainable Developent • University of St. Andrews


Tea has a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Sustainable Development from the University of St Andrews, Scotland. For a majority of her academic career she has been an international student, even from the early days growing up in Macedonia and attending various international schools, and continuing her higher education abroad in the United Kingdom and Canada. Tea's main goals and aspirations have continually led her to gain experiences in the fields of environmental policy and regulation, with particular focuses on the use of innovative and integrated methods of water and waste management.

She is currently working towards a Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MScSM) at the University of Toronto, Mississauga, and has been working as a Policy and Programs Assistant at the Source Protection Programs Branch at the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. She has used these opportunities to gain significant first-hand knowledge of utilizing legislation into practice, and has also been applying her understandings of water management gained through her undergraduate thesis research, for integrated river basin management. The current MScSM program has been a guide to understanding local Canadian environmental and ecosystems sciences, as well as the environmental law and policy, particularly through legislation such as the Clean Water Act. In order to assist in branch projects such as policy reviews, environmental compliance approval screening and implementation processes.

Tea also has significant interests in world politics, particularly in the Great Lakes and the Balkan Region and how current events such as mass flooding and migration affect the local environment and populations. All of the experiences she gains are an opportunity to assist in developing and implementing better stewardship of the natural resources globally.

Tea's MScSM Internship: Ministry of Environment & Climate Change

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