Andrew Orawiec


Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) • Philosophy and Psychology • Queen's University

  • Read about Andrew's participation at the Arctic Frontiers Conference in Norway in 2016 here.
  • Andrew's interview on the Crystal Serenity and work in northern tourism is available here


Andrew graduated from Queen’s University in 2012, where he completed his undergraduate studies in both Philosophy and Psychology.  A multi-disciplinary student from the very beginning, Andrew supplemented his work in the sciences and humanities with multiple courses offered through the Smith School of Business.

Upon graduating from Queen’s, Andrew immediately began pursuing entrepreneurial endeavours through the launch of a social venture which promoted computer literacy among the elderly.  This period was soon followed by a year abroad, wherein he took the opportunity to travel and teach English in a rural community on South Korea’s Jeju Island. Once returned to Canada, Andrew worked as a reporter for private interests on Parliament Hill, covering various Standing Committees including Environment and Sustainable Development, as well as Indigenous and Northern Affairs.

It was at this time that Andrew was offered the opportunity of a lifetime: a position as a policy analyst with the Government of Nunavut (GN).  Jumping at the chance to live ‘North of 60’, Andrew excelled in his new environment.  His love of the North grew deep, and it was with great difficulty that he departed for the MScSM program in the Fall of 2015.

Unsurprisingly, Andrew was lucky enough to return to the North for his 2016 Summer Internship.  He secured invaluable experience by working as a Senior Advisor for Tourism Development with the GN, with a particular focus on the Arctic cruise tourism industry.  He has had the opportunity to work intimately with the Crystal Serenity’s 2016 Northwest Passage planning and preparations, and hopes to publish work on the subject in 2017.  Andrew hopes to return to the GN upon graduation, with future ambitions to work on sustainable tourism globally.

Andrew's MScSM Placement: Government of Nunavut

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