Nikita Kumar

Nikita Linkedin

Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Global Studies, Minor in Political Science • Wilfrid Laurier University


Nikita graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2018, with an honors degree in Global Studies and a minor in Political Science. These disciplines provided her with the necessary skills to look at local and global issues with a critical eye and gain better insights into the complexities behind them. In her final year, she focused her studies on ways in which globalization, industrialization and conflict are closely tied to environmental issues, and what the roles of global citizens might look like. This has helped to form Nikita’s passion for human rights in an environmental context.

Throughout her undergraduate studies, Nikita devoted much of her time to extracurricular activities which helped her gain invaluable leadership experience. She was involved in multiple clubs and associations throughout her time at university, but there are a few experiences that are especially important to her. Nikita co-founded Laurier’s Because I am a Girl WLU, a club that is associated with Plan International’s Because I am a Girl campaign. In this role, Nikita worked with a team of students to understand the inequalities that women face around the world and ran events on campus to raise awareness about ways in which students can be involved in reducing these gaps in society. In addition, Nikita was involved in Laurier’s Students for Sustainability, a club devoted to connecting sustainability and business. She led a team of students writing weekly posts about the progress that companies have made in working towards a sustainable future.

During a semester abroad in Australia, Nikita was fortunate to spend time with coastal communities that were impacted by unsustainable tourism, cyclones and regular flooding. The conversations with these individuals solidified her interest in sustainability and the importance of protecting our environment and communities. Nikita aspires to work with communities that are vulnerable to natural disasters by helping to create sustainable livelihoods and community-based resilience.

In her spare time, Nikita enjoys exploring, whether it is checking out a local café or exploring a new part of the world, she loves to discover and learn about new cultures, cuisine and landscapes.

Nikita's MScSM Internship: Global Compact Network Canada

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