Hannah Bernard


Honours Bachelor of Arts, Sociology (Specialist Option) and Anthropology • McMaster University 


Hannah graduated from McMaster University with a combined Honours Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (Specialist Option) and Anthropology. Throughout her undergraduate degree, Hannah was heavily involved in extracurricular clubs and program societies. As Social Media Coordinator for the McMaster Anthropology Society, she managed multiple social media platforms, designed graphics, and co-hosted MAS affiliated academic and social networking events. Hannah also enjoyed providing providing companionship and academic guidance to lower-level undergraduate students as Undergraduate Student Mentor for the McMaster Social Science Society.

Upon learning bit-by-bit about the intersections of society and the environment in several of her courses, Hannah grew increasingly interested in exploring the disproportionate lack of resource accessibility among underprivileged and racialized communities and their subsequent vulnerability to the effects of climate change. Resultantly, she is committed to an ongoing process of learning about these intersections and continuously seeking ways that she can foster social justice and climate justice in her community. Hannah is particularly keen to study Environmental Policy and Environmental Sociology as part of her Master of Science in Sustainability Management.

During her undergraduate degree, Hannah had the opportunity to partake in the Stelida Naxos Archaeological Project where she conducted archaeological excavation and lab analysis at a Palaeolithic site in Greece. This experience inspired her to pursue a career in Cultural Resource Management Archaeology in Ontario as Hannah is currently working as an Archaeological Technician at WSP Environment & Infrastructure Solutions. In her role, Hannah has gained plenty of insight into stakeholder engagement, relationship building, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Prior to completing her undergrad, Hannah worked as Front of House Supervisor at an individually owned, plant-based restaurant in Oakville. In this role, she demonstrated expert leadership skills by effectively supporting staff, curating training material and generating daily profit reports. Here, Hannah developed a interest in sustainable food sourcing and food waste mitigation as she admired the restaurants’ efforts to collaborate with local produce sellers and minimize food waste by curating their menu to include multi-use ingredients and repurposed food components.

Hannah enjoys spending her spare time outdoors, whether she is hiking, camping, playing sports, or simply admiring nature. She also has a strong creative bug and likes to engage in art as a therapeutic outlet by way of painting, jewelry making and sketching among other mediums.