Olivia Lahaie


Bachelor of Science, Biology & Medical Science • University of Western 


Olivia was born and raised in Toronto, moving to London ON in 2012 to pursue her undergraduate degree in Medical Sciences at the University of Western Ontario. After a small change of plan, she discovered her interest in Environmental Biology and, switched to a Double Major in both Medical Sciences and Biology, taking classes on Anatomy as well as Conservation Biology. 

Before discovering science, Olivia's first love was the theatre and drama from a young age. After attending the Etobicoke School of the Arts for Drama, she stayed active in the Western's small theatre community. During the summers for the the last four years, Olivia worked for International Summer Camp Montana, and sports camp in Switzerland for children from all over the world. Through this experience she developed her love of international community and communication. Olivia also spends her summers camping, hiking, and sailing, her winters skiing, and traveling when ever she has the money and time.

In the future, Olivia hopes to reimagine the way we think about the communication of sustainability and science in general.