Sabina Hyseni


Bachelor of Science (Hons.) • Chemistry • Wilfrid Laurier University


Sabina Hyseni graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honors Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. She was particularly drawn to materials chemistry and during her final year decided to do a directed studies in nanoparticle synthesis. This is where she learned how to synthesize silver decahedra nanoparticles and pentagonal nanorods and finally enhance the current method of synthesis through addition of ascorbic acid. During her undergraduate degree she was also interested in renewable sources of energy and for two of her course projects decided to do extensive research on “Wastewater as a Renewable Energy Source” and “Hydrogen Storage in Microporous Zeolites”.

In her first year of university Sabina started working for Public Outreach, an organization that raises funds for different NGO’s. She worked as a fundraiser for Plan Canada, specifically the “Because I am a girl Campaign” which led her to take a year off after second year university and travel. She started her travels in Qufu, China where she lived in a Shaolin Kung Fu academy for one year training under Shaolin monks and living a life of ultimate discipline. She also travelled to India for one month where she achieved her international yoga teacher certificate. After this Sabina was determined to continue university and travel at the same time. She took a heavier course load in her third year so that she could graduate one semester earlier. During this time she also taught yoga in China, Canada, Spain and France. She returned to China and lived there for another 7 months in an academy in the mountains studying Tai Chi and Qi Gong under a well-known Wudang master.

These experiences led Sabina to live as a part of many different cultures and enhanced her communication skills. She is very interested in renewable resources due to the fact that she saw so many communities living without basic sanitation, water and electricity. Her passion is to bring rural communities self-sustainment and also learn more about the business aspect of sustainability. Sabina speaks English, Albanian, and French with working knowledge of Italian and basic Mandarin. 

Sabina's MScSM Internship: UNICEF

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