Angelica Adams

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Bachelor of Science (Honours), Cell, Molecular and Biotechnology Stream • University of Toronto


Angelica graduated from the University of Toronto with a major in Biology for Health Science, and minors in Psychology and Human Geography. During her undergrad, Angelica became interested in exploring issues regarding governance for sustainability policy development and ethical trade. Sustainability is intertwined with everyday life, since it affects a family’s decisions about what to purchase, cities and the people who design them, and career choices. The resources provided are finite, which makes it crucial to plan accordingly and efficiently. With this perspective, Angelica wants to achieve a career in sustainability policy.

Angelica is a proven team player showcased by collaborating with a group of ten to produce and choreograph a short film that placed first overall in the Deloitte Define the Green Dot Contest. She developed strong leadership skills by assigning and overseeing the responsibilities of over twenty cashiers. At the Canada Revenue Agency, Angelica worked closely with directors to plan and prepare for presentations, event itineraries, contacting guest speakers, aiding with the Diversity Committee and cross-referencing documents. During the summer months, Angelica is an active transportation walk and roll event ambassador and possesses a positive attitude by sharing enthusiasm for active transportation as a viable option throughout the region of Peel. During her employment at UAP Inc., Angelica was able to participate in the GROW program that allowed her to raise awareness on the importance of protecting the environment and preserving natural resources. She participated in the CRAM-A-CRUISER Food Drive by donating non-perishable items to combat food insecurity and provide meals to those in need. She believes that leadership and greatness emerge when you show concern and empathy for others.

Outside of academics, Angelica enjoys a scenic outdoor adventure that rewards her with stunning views, immersing herself in another culture through traveling, and expressing her creativity through painting. Angelica wants to bring a specialized skill set into the pharmaceutical industry by implementing sustainability policies. 

Angelica's MScSM Internship: Bayer

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