Siobhan Mehrotra


Bachelor of Arts, Environment & Development, Minor in Geography (Urban Studies) • McGill University 


Siobhan is graduating from McGill University with a Bachelor of Arts in Environment and Development, and a minor in Urban Studies She aspires to pursue a career rooted in social sustainability that will allow for the exploration and collaborative development of environmentally friendly initiatives across multiple industries. During her undergraduate degree, she had the opportunity to engage in research across various fields, serving as a research assistant in domains related to climate policy, urban geography, green spaces, and industrial mining. Her research allowed her to gain competency working with ArcGIS, datasets, and conduct spatial analyses, which helped re-affirm her interest in data pertaining to sustainability across cities.

Following her studies, Siobhan’s most recent position as Events Certification Intern for McGill’s Office of Sustainability provided her with an opportunity to enhance her skills beyond the realm of research. Leading a team of ten volunteers and guiding the Sustainable Events Certification program, Siobhan helped provide consultations, training and resources to encourage environmentally responsible practices, promote diversity of programming and participants, and increase overall accessibility. Her work soon turned into a creative passion as she worked one-on-one with campus leaders and professionals to help promote sustainability intiatives. Looking to create more positive connections, Siobhan pursued further ways to collaborate with fellow students. Most notably, she was elected Vice President External for the McGill Environment Student Society, won 1st place in a team-based International Development Case Competition, 2nd place in a team-based International Sustainability Marketing Competition, and joined a club on campus that explored the dimensions of illicit sand mining through discussion and peer reviews. Her passion for sustainability extended into her volunteer work, representing The United Nations Association in Canada as a volunteer at COP15, and becoming a student delegate of McGill University for the U7+ Worldwide Student Forum. There, she contributed to a report presented at the U7+ Presidential Summit discussing the question of “Climate Change: Intergenerational Conflict or Intergenerational Alliance?”. She hopes to continue her continue to pursue her interests in international relations and learn how to more effectively branch sustainability initiatives across different socio-cultural settings.

In her spare time, Siobhan enjoys exploring new music genres, stopping to smell the flowers, and going to the gym. She hopes to brush up on her baking skills and tackle the challenge of learning Spanish this year.