Jonah Kahansky

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Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Global Development Studies • Queen's University


Jonah studied Global Development at Queen’s University, graduating in 2017 with distinctions. This interdisciplinary program allowed him to develop a broad spectrum of critical thinking and analytical skills, while simultaneously exploring his interests in sustainability issues, global political economy, and social justice movements.

In his upper years of study, Jonah focused on the intersection of sustainability issues and Canada’s northern indigenous communities, leading him to become a Peer Health Educator for Queen’s Health Outreach. In this role, Jonah designed, implemented, and evaluated a comprehensive health curriculum in the hamlet of Fort Providence (NWT). This experience opened his eyes to the pressing economic, social, and environmental sustainability issues close to home. Furthermore, this truly dynamic environment helped Jonah learn to lead with confidence and empathy in a high paced environment, and to approach all situations with an open mind. Throughout Jonah’s experiences, whether they were experiences with economic sustainability while building schools in Kenya, sustainability of government policy while rebuilding from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, or environmental sustainability while teaching health in northern Canada, he has seen a common thread; sustainably is ultimately about people and their unique struggles. For this reason, Jonah aspires to help others connect with their natural environments and to help create work opportunities that contribute to thriving and sustainable environments.

Outside the classroom, Jonah loves to spend time in the mountains, practicing yoga, playing basketball, and going to local concerts.

Jonah's MScSM Internship: Environment and Climate Change Canada

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