Novelle Williams


Master of Science in Sustainability Management • University of Toronto Mississauga

Bachelor of Business Administration • Marketing • Midwestern State University


Novelle was born in Antigua and Barbuda, located in the Eastern Caribbean. He realizes it’s confusing to think that he was born in two places at once, but it’s what you would call a twin island state. As a guy from the tropical regions of earth, it may seem that his “chill mode” is unparalleled to any other. It could be that he is just hardwired to be that way. It’s Novelle’s belief that stressing gets you absolutely nowhere in life. So, he fixes only what he can, while making the best of life’s opportunities. #youngandstressless

For his undergrad, he pursued a degree in Marketing, as it is the business discipline he enjoys most, and currently he is working on completing a Master’s degree in Sustainability Management (as you can tell by this bio). His goal is to go grow and develop in both marketing and sustainability – with a few more added skills – and eventually join or spearhead sustainable initiatives back in Antigua and throughout the Caribbean.

During his first year in the MScSM program, Novelle did a summer internship at The Works Design Communications. There he was placed in the capacity of Sustainability Analyst Intern, where he was charged with leading research to identify and effectively communicate sustainability reporting trends and best practices. Novelle emphasises that the relaxed culture and proactive nature of the company brought a unique perspective to the way he approached work, especially working under his supervisor and with the supportive staff.

Novelle feels that he is almost like a character out of a 90s Disney cartoon; he likes many things, and finds problems with few. He was born into a musical family, so music has been a part of life since he can remember. Also, he’s an active person. Football is his favourite sport – the world version, not its American counterpart. Being from the Caribbean, he thinks he may be generally predisposed to be a beach hog. If it were possible, he would live out his days playing music and football on beaches in different tropical regions of the world. Oh, and pancakes, he absolutely loves pancakes **insert drool emoji here**

Novelle's MScSM Internship: The Works Design Communications


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