Rylan Urban

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Bachelor of Science (Honours), Toxicology, Minor in Entrepreneurship • University of Saskatchewan

  • Rylan Urban is voted new incoming President of MScSM Student Executive Council (MSEC) for the 2019-2020 academic year. Congratulations Rylan!


Rylan graduated with a BSc. (Hons.) in Toxicology and a minor in Entrepreneurship from the University of Saskatchewan. During his studies he pursued several entrepreneurial ventures including Solar Panel Power Canada which he still operates today. Rylan was also the President of the Toxicology Undergraduate Student Society and a student director on the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority during his final year of university.

Rylan’s professional experience comes primarily from working with over 25 solar installation companies through his businesses. This has given him extensive experience in sales, marketing, and communications in the renewable energy industry. He has a strong ability to combine analytical reasoning with mindful insight to find hidden patterns and unique solutions for complex problems in social, academic, and professional environments.

Rylan’s mission is to live by and promote the products, services, lifestyles, and thought currents that are most beneficial to the planet, and the people in it. In his personal life, he explores cultures, experiences, and the boundaries of human possibilities.

Rylan is the founder of energyhub.org, whose mission is to create a Global Sustainable Energy Market by integrating and consulting every energy industry stakeholder while providing the world’s most useful and comprehensive Distributed Energy Resource information for consumers. 

Rylan's MScSM Internship: Navigant

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