Maria Siddiqui



Bachelor of Commerce, International Business • University of Wollongong


Maria is an experienced digital product owner and marketer who helped build an e-commerce startup for the past seven years in the Middle East. In 2015, she graduated from the University of Wollongong in Dubai where she received a Bachelor of Commerce in International Business. She aims to work towards changing the landscape of consumer goods through sustainable product development. She is particularly interested in catering to environmentally conscious consumers who actively seek brands and businesses that are transparent about their supply chain processes and produce high-quality products.

Just two years into her undergraduate program, Maria started her summer internship at a brand new startup where she eventually worked her way to becoming the Marketing Manager by 2019. The company is now the leading online home services marketplace in the United Arab Emirates. Throughout her time at the startup, Maria led the digital marketing, SEO, and app development initiatives and experienced first-hand how important these functions were in connecting with today’s customers. She realized that the small businesses that are committed to sustainable and ethical practices often do not have the resources to build these functions quickly, and therefore get limited exposure to new customers. Maria is passionate about all things digital and hopes to use her skillset to empower and help sustainable organizations grow.

In her free time, Maria loves to try new food, learn about other cultures, travel, read, and dabble in painting and sketching.


Maria's MScSM Internship: HP Canada


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Maria's Research Poster

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