Conner Tidd


Bachelor of Arts • Environment and Development, Minor in Politics, Law and Society • McGill University


Conner is an avid sustainability and innovation strategist. Conner strongly believes that a successful sustainability and innovation strategy in the 21st century is not based on 5-year corporate strategies designed internally to meet the standards set by others.  A successful strategy is fluid and goes beyond responding to future challenges and issues, a successful strategy allows you to see future challenges before anyone else. A successful strategy allows you to show how you are capitalizing on changing times while others are just sitting down to try to adapt to the challenge. This is only possible by knowing who you derive value from now and how that is going to change. It requires looking at your business and your industry system from different perspectives. It means being willing to question and investigate current practices and potential future changes. Conner has used this mindset successfully in various international management positions and leadership roles to design successful programs that generate financial returns while developing employee skillsets and brand reputation internationally.

Conner is constantly evolving his way of thinking (and progressively consuming more coffee) to deal with the challenges of a changing world. Conner thoroughly enjoys bringing together groups with opposing or different viewpoints to work together to decide the best methods to reach a common goal. To help recover from these challenging yet rewarding conversations Conner writes about himself in the third person and constantly relives his glory days as a TV chef while sitting down to order (another) pizza. 

Conner's MScSM Internship: Bayer CropScience

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