Katelyn Quesada


Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Studies, Minor in Marketing • McGill University


Katelyn graduated from McGill University in 2016 with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Environment, Minor in Marketing. At McGill she completed a thesis entitled: Transportation Investment and Neighborhood Change Across Five Canadian Cities (1995-2015). This thesis investigated Census data to determine whether recent Canadian public transportation investment from 1995-2015 across five Canadian cities (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary) resulted in the formation of Transit-Oriented Developments.

After graduating Katelyn spent a year in Lima, Peru working with a non-profit organization: Power to Change. Upon returning to Canada Katelyn joined the Thomson Reuter’s Customer Service team supporting customers in the Legal, Tax and Accounting sector in their Toronto office. In her time at Thomson Reuters she held various roles, her most recent position being Senior Team member of Customer Service, where she led a team of 15 frontline agents. Additionally, at Thomson Reuters she was the representative for customer service on the Lead to Support Project. This was a 150-million dollar change initiative for the Canadian business to migrate their back-end systems in order to streamline the customer experience. Katelyn facilitated the training program of 30 staff to onboard onto these new systems, completed User Acceptance Testing, and presented the customer impact to all internal stakeholders. Through her four years working at Thomson Reuters she gained training, onboarding, coaching, and public speaking experience, and led individuals and teams located internationally.

Having spent time visiting and living in several cities around the world, and through her thesis research, Katelyn gained a passion for urban environments and the development of sustainable cities. In her experience working with people in Costa Rica, the Philippines, Peru, and across the United States she has also gained a passion for promoting community in virtual, remote and local settings. She is ecstatic to pursue her passions of helping the environment and people through the MScSM program.

Some of Katelyn’s personal interests and past times include hiking, speaking Spanish, experimenting with new recipes, connecting with friends and family, gardening, exercise and wellness.

Katelyn's MScSM Internship: Deloitte

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