Rebecca Fortenbacher

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Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Environmental Studies, Minor in Environmental Geography & Sociology University of Toronto


Rebecca graduated from the University of Toronto (Class of 2018) with an Honours Bachelor of Arts majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Environmental Geography and Sociology. Rebecca aspires to promote initiatives that help to manage water more sustainably and inspire a new generation of water stewards.

Rebecca’s passion for water management substantially developed during her internship with the Water Youth Network. Rebecca supported the development of the YouKnoW! platform to create and provide an online interactive database for youth-led organizations focused on water issues to connect with a vibrant community. Apart from her interests in water challenges, Rebecca is also passionate about helping to build a healthy community for people and wildlife through her job at the Toronto Wildlife Centre. Rebecca was responsible for educating the public about common issues that affect wildlife species as well as assisting people who brought in sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife species into the wildlife hospital for rehabilitation and release. Through these experiences, Rebecca has learned that there are a variety of ways of addressing sustainability: from advocating for more youth involvement in sustainability issues to developing more sustainable ways for humans and wildlife to co-exist.

In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys travelling to new places, spending time outdoors, baking up a storm, and being active. She also enjoys attending soccer games and is continuing to learn to play to the guitar.

Rebecca's MScSM Internship: The University of Toronto - Mississauga Campus

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