Daniel Gunitskiy


Bachelor of Arts, Geography, Minor in GIS, Certificate in Business • University of Guelph


During his undergraduate degree at The University of Guelph, Daniel studied Human and Physical Geography, GIS, and Business. At this time, He began to further understand the cross between Environmental Science, Sustainability and Economics. Daniel’s interests in sustainability management stem from the interdisciplinary nature of the subject. During Daniel’s second year of study, he was introduced to CSR and carbon credits. He realized that corporations play an important role as actors of change. This was the beginning of the path that would eventually lead him to the MScSM program.

Throughout Daniel’s undergrad, he held summer positions in various unique industries. Starting within the automotive business sectors, he eventually migrating into real estate, interning for The Lightstone Group in Manhattan. During this time, he explored the corporate structure and developed critical business experiences that he will integrate into sustainability management. His specific career interests include ESG investment, reporting, corporate strategy, disruptive technology, and sustainable development.

During his free time, Daniel enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures and languages. While he enjoys traveling with friends and family, he finds that solo travel creates exciting challenges and the most meaningful experiences. He is also an avid reader and enjoys writers such as Paul Bowles. He finds lots of inspiration to travel and self-improve from reading the lifelong tales of others. Daniel is a true believer in lifelong learning.

Daniel's MScSM Internship: RPRA

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Daniel's Research Poster


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