Lulu Li


Master of Science in Sustainability Management • University of Toronto Mississauga

  • Lulu featured in Bmeaningful article on Young Professional Series
  • Dean's List Award for High Academic Achievement: Silver Award, 2016
  • Dean's List - First Year Award, 2015
  • Lulu points out the impact of the Research Paper on post education employment

Bachelor of Science • Biological Sciences, Economics • University of Alberta

  •  MScSM Class 2016 Student Executive Council Member - VP External


Lulu is a graduate student in the MScSM program. She has a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Alberta with a major in Biology and minor in Economics. With a unique combination of Biology and Economics background, Lulu has worked across different industries. Lulu gained work experience in the oil and gas, non-profit and healthcare sectors. She has also volunteered abroad to support environmental sustainability initiatives in Southeast Asia. These different work experiences enabled Lulu to become easily adaptable to changing environments. Through these years, she became a fast learner who is capable of understanding her role within the big picture. Working in different industries allowed her to gain valuable skills such stakeholder engagement, events planning, data analysis, industry consulting, volunteer training and report writing.

 This summer, Lulu interned as a sustainability consultant at WSP, With the team, Lulu helped clients improve their sustainability performance. Lulu learned to advice clients on topics such as stakeholder engagement, sustainability reporting, and energy, water and waste management. Furthermore, as the COP 21 is approaching, Lulu conducted research on the benefits of setting science-based GHG emission reduction targets to help corporations prepare for changing regulations. 

As an emerging sustainability professional, Lulu believes that we are part of an era with immense opportunities to set our unsustainable paths on the right track.  She knows one day she will be able to help companies work collaboratively on finding practical solutions to tackle the sustainability challenges such as the water crisis and climate change issues. To do so, Lulu believes aligning corporate objectives is the key. By focusing on employee, senior management and stakeholder engagement, corporations are pushing for a culture shift and creating a sustainable business model. This corporate culture shift coupled with strong sustainability strategies will enable companies to stay ahead of fast changing regulations. As an integrative thinker, Lulu will gain the competency and skills as she completes the last year of MScSM program to be an influential sustainability professional. 

Lulu's MScSM Internship: WSP Canada Inc.


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