Kamil Musielak

Kam Linkedin

Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical (Co-Op) • McMaster University


Kamil developed a firm foundation in engineering principles and technical problem solving upon earning his degree in engineering from McMaster University. Following his exposure to an introductory sustainability course and drawing inspiration from his personal interests, he began seeking opportunities to couple his knowledge of engineering with sustainability.

Following graduation, Kamil found himself on the front lines of the new and quickly-evolving industry of vertical farming and indoor agriculture. His experiences working as an EIT in product development and a technical consultant at startups Modular Farms Inc. and Just Vertical, respectively, have shaped his entrepreneurial attitude and lent to a sense of gratification in contributing to solve global food accessibility issues. Leveraging his passions, Kamil also co-founded Elk Adventurewear, a media and environmental conservation awareness company focusing on nature sports. The endeavour brought him opportunities of adventure that culminated in transformative experiences, encouraging him to pursue a deeper understanding of sustainability. Partnering with a local fly fishing outfitter as an apprentice guide and course instructor, Kamil took a more direct approach to educate like-minded individuals about the importance of our natural surroundings. Kamil now enjoys volunteering his time to organizations such as Engineers Without Borders: Water for the World and Trout Unlimited Canada: Bringing Back Brookies, contributing to social and environmental sustainability efforts.

With his strong interest in energy, environment, natural resources, and conservation, Kamil hopes to pivot his career towards designing and managing creative solutions to issues in these domains. Through his studies, he hopes to investigate how technological, economic, and societal factors pragmatically contribute to sustainable outcomes.

Kamil puts great emphasis on personal development through his hobbies in nature sports, archery, motorcycling, visual arts, travel, and aviation. As an eager learner, he believes that becoming well-rounded through the discovery and practice of diverse disciplines fosters elements of creativity, awareness, reflection, gratitude, and satisfaction.

Kamil's MScSM Internship: Ecostrat

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