Atupele Chakwera

Atupele LI

Bachelor of Global Business and Sustainability Management (Honours) • Regent's University London


Atupele graduated from Regents University London in 2016 with a Bachelor (Hons) in Global Business and Sustainability Management. This undergraduate degree merged together different topics from sustainability and business management and led to Atupele’s current main interest of sustainable entrepreneurship.

During his time in high school, Atupele did 4,000-word report comparing the sustainability policies of two urban areas. Additionally, in year 10 (for an academic project) he also designed an environmentally-friendly house and conducted extensive research into the different techniques that would be used to achieve this. His recent undergrad dissertation was on the motivation of sustainable entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa. Also, during this time at university Atupele was attended the Leadership and Team Building Experience at Bramley Lakes, where he learnt several skills that helped him shape his leadership style and the different skills needed to be a good team member. This was useful for all the group work that Atupele participated in during his degree course. During his time at Keep Britain Tidy, Atupele worked under several senior staff who routinely gave him new assignments that were not included on the original job description. This required flexibility and adaptability from his side, especially because some assignments had different deadlines and quotas. This made the job challenging at times, but also exciting because it presented new experiences. Atupele recently finished working as an intern at the UN Environment Secretariat for the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm (BRS) Conventions. Here he was attached to the information management department, where his tasks ranged from the collection and re-packaging of information to helping in the creation and presentation of documents that are produced by the work of the BRS Conventions. A lot of Atupele’s work here has seen him to quickly learn new skills, especially those related to updating the website and data entry, as these were areas he had little previous experience in.

As the son of a UN worker Atupele has lived in 7 different countries throughout his life. This has lead to him having a deep understating of different cultures and customs. Which has proven useful in both working and academic environments. When not going through random Wikipedia articles to learn something interesting and new. Atupele has enjoyed spending time exploring the nature and culture of the different places he has lived. Lastly, Atupele is an avid reader of scientific and technology news especially those relating to sustainability and the environment.

Atupele's MScSM Internship: Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority

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