Areeba Khalid


Bachelor of Technology, Environmental Engineering Delhi Technological University


Areeba Khalid is an accomplished environmental engineer, having graduated from Delhi Technological University with distinction in Environmental Engineering. She has channeled her passion for environmental conservation into meaningful contributions within the renewable energy sector.

Areeba's professional journey has been enriched by her tenure at Renew, where she played a pivotal role in the Carbon Business Development team. Her expertise extends to navigating the intricate landscapes of carbon markets, demonstrating astute insights and a commendable understanding of their dynamics. Her tenure at Renew was marked by the successful implementation of two community-based initiatives and a tech-based project, both locally and internationally, showcasing her ability to merge technical acumen with community-driven solutions.

She has also worked with Iora Ecological Solutions as a climate change intern, where she created CO2 inventories, showcasing her meticulous approach to data.

Areeba's aspirations lie in consulting, where she seeks to leverage her expertise in environmental engineering and renewable energy to drive impactful change. Her keen interest in the tech industry drives her desire to develop advocacy skills, leading her to explore law and policy.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Areeba finds solace and inspiration in the arts, particularly painting, and nurtures her connection with nature by spending meaningful time outdoors.