Areeba Khalid


Bachelor of Technology, Environmental Engineering Delhi Technological University


Areeba is an accomplished Environmental Engineering graduate from Delhi Technological University in Delhi, India. With a passion for environmental conservation and sustainable practices, she has developed a strong foundation in understanding the complexities of environmental challenges and implementing effective solutions.

Driven by her commitment to making a positive impact, Areeba has been actively involved in the field of carbon markets. Her current role involves working on innovative projects that aim to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable practices within industries. Through her work, she has gained valuable experience in analyzing and mitigating environmental risks while maximizing the potential for carbon offset projects.

Recognizing the need to deepen her knowledge and broaden her perspectives, Areeba has decided to pursue a Master's in Science in Sustainability Management from the prestigious University of Toronto. By undertaking this advanced program, she aims to expand her expertise in sustainable development strategies, environmental policy frameworks, and corporate sustainability management.

With her interdisciplinary background in environmental engineering and her upcoming specialization in sustainability management, Areeba aspires to become a leader in the field. She envisions herself playing a crucial role in developing and implementing sustainable practices in both the public and private sectors, effectively addressing the pressing environmental challenges of our time.

Areeba's dedication, academic achievements, and practical experience in carbon markets demonstrate her strong commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable development. Through her ongoing education and professional endeavors, she strives to contribute meaningfully to a greener and more sustainable future.

Areeba enjoys being outdoors. She loves hiking and camping and indulging in sports. She is a nature-lover and likes traveling and exploring new landscapes.