Kim St-Cyr


Honours Bachelor of Environmental Science, Energy Management & Environmental Ethics • University of Toronto 


Kim St-Cyr graduated from The University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Environmental Science in 2023. She specialized in Environmental Energy and Ethics and also graduated with a Certificate in Sustainable Pathways. Throughout her time in undergrad she focused heavily on courses surrounding environmental concepts, including environmental economics, environmental law, energy and climate policy, as well as environmental biology and chemistry. The multidisciplinary nature of her degree was a perfect avenue to explore the multifaceted nature of sustainability and its relationship with environmental systems. Her degree also aligned with many of her independent pursuits during undergrad, including her passion for creating sustainable food systems, plant-based food, and circular production cycles.

Kim was able to gain first-hand experience with certain professional and academic environmental and sustainability sectors through two extremely noteworthy experiences during her undergraduate degree. In the professional sector, Kim worked as a Sustainability Coordinator in the Energy and Environment Department at the University Health Network during the summer of 2022. Within this position, she undertook a project to optimize the waste management systems within the three interconnected hospitals. She was able to gain experience performing waste audits, optimizing system usability, supply chain management, and recycling maximization. Kim also undertook a research project in collaboration with University of Toronto Food Services and a postdoctoral researcher in the Nutritional Sciences department to poll and understand dietary choices of university students. This survey was successful in promoting an increase of 60% plant-based options in food services locations across the University of Toronto St. George campus food services locations. This research is also a foundation for Kim’s ongoing work with postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Nutritional Sciences and Forward Food, an initiative by the Humane Society of Canada, to conduct an Environmental and Nutritional Assessment of university food systems. Kim was able to gain valuable experience regarding environmental impact assessments and understanding the foundational tools for academic research synthesis and dissemination.

Aside from studying, Kim has played soccer for most of her life, in both recreational and semi-professional environments. She has always had a keen interest in cooking and plant-based cuisine, and she has been vegan since she was fifteen. She loves being outside, specifically if it involves alpine skiing, biking, or swimming in a lake. If you are looking to find Kim on the weekends, you’ll most likely find her eating her way through all the plant-based restaurants in Toronto or running around a soccer pitch.