Marc Yegani


Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy MacEwan University


Before attending university Marc spent several years in Edmonton, Alberta working in the construction industry as a labourer, technician and surveyor. During this period Marc learned the value of perseverance by working in difficult environments; the value of teamwork by being part of several high performing construction crews; and the value of integrity by always completing his tasks and duties which in turn contributed to the fulfillment of high quality projects.


After Marc hung up his construction boots, he attended MacEwan University, where he completed a degree in Philosophy and Mathematics. Often asked why he chose to study two seemingly unrelated disciplines, Marc explains how the two subjects are more alike than different. Both philosophy and mathematics require and stimulate advanced critical thinking abilities and creative problem solving skills. Moreover, both subjects also innately consist of a search for answers and the truth, the difference only being in form (one in words and the other in numbers). Apart from his academic pursuits, Marc was also heavily involved in both administrative and student organizations on campus, namely the Research Ethics Board, where he brought in the first Indigenous member; the Humanities Events Committee, where he organized a visual arts exhibition on the theme of violence against women; and the Study Abroad Program after his exchange experience in France. Marc was also the president and founder of the Idea and Social Club, an innovative student club which brought students together from varying disciplines in order to explore timely and provocative ideas. For his efforts and contributions to the university, Marc was awarded the Club Member of the Year award and was nominated for the university’s top award, the Presidential Medal.


Before completing his undergraduate degree, Marc was awarded a grant to go study Indigenous culture in British Columbia. While visiting various museums, cultural centres and heritage sites, Marc was inspired by indigenous peoples’ values and way of life. He realized that the loss of these principles and the harmony between humanity and the earth is the main reason for much of society’s sufferings today. In order to help contribute to the realignment of humanity’s values and alleviate greater suffering, Marc has decided to pursue the MScSM degree at the University of Toronto. By learning more about the principles of sustainability, of Corporate Social Responsibility and of Environment, Social and Governance issues, Marc hopes to contribute to the development and enlightenment of both social and economic institutions.


During his first year with the MScSM program, Marc volunteered with the Mentor Connect Program, was elected to the Campus Affairs Committee as the Graduate Student Representative and was able to secure an summer internship with Competent Boards.



Marc's MScSM Internship: Competent Boards


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Marc's Research Poster

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