Dr. Shashi Kant: Students

MScSM Program Director

Shashi Kant

Professor, Forest Economies and Management

Institute for Management and Innovation
University of Toronto Mississauga
Innovation Complex, 3359 Mississauga Road, Ontario, L5L1C6
Phone: 905-569-5739

Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto
33 Willcocks Street, Toronto, Ontario. M5S 3B3

Class of 2019

Phone: 416-978-6196  

E-mail: shashi.kant@utoronto.ca

Shashi's full CV can be found here.


Previous MScSM Students

Includes name, thesis title, and year 

McElhone, Chloe. 2022. The building blocks of successful clean energy policies: An econometric analysis of socioeconomic factors that impact regulatory and policy support for clean energy. April 2022.

Oghenekaro, R. 2021. Interactions between the Proposed Energy Mix Scenarios and Non-Energy Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): A Sub-Sahara African Perspective. April

Delgado, Carlos Vinueza. 2021. Post Life Legacy for Sustainability. April 2021.

Chakwera, A. 2020 Materiality Issues in the Launch Sevice Sector: In Search of a Sector-Specific Sustainability Framework. April 2020.

Ford, C. Social norms as nudges to encourage commute mode shift. April 2019.

Babu, A. Identification of characteristics and development of design framework influencing the reuse potential of structural components. April 2019.

Van Beilen, N. Circular economy-based offsets in Ontario’s Cap and Trade program. April 2017

Chan, J. Designing the framework for a LoyaltyOne corporate foundation, 2015.

Navarra, A. Motivation to pro-environmental action – Can expectancy theory be applied to conscious consumption behaviour? 2015.

Shashi and Students

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Includes name, project, and year 

Taylor, Brydges (Dr.). Worked as PDF on the CUE funded Project on Circular Economy in Fashion Industry, from September 2021 to August 2022.

Yiwen Zhang (Dr.). Worked as PDF on the NSERC Project on Spatial and Non-Spatial Timber Market Models and Game Theoretic Models of Sustainable Forest Management, from November 2019 to October 2021.

Bin Zheng (Dr.): Worked as PDF on the SSHRC Project on Environmental Preferences and Sustainable Forest Management, from August 2011 to November 2014. 

Bamadev Paudel (Dr.): Worked as Post-Doctoral Fellow on NSERC Project on Bifurcation and Game Theoretic Models for Sustainable Forest Management from July 1, 2013 to December 2013. 

Mehrotra, Shiv Nath (Dr.): Worked as a PDF on the SFMN project on Developing a Global Competitiveness Index of Forest Industry, from August 2006 to November 2008 and April 2009 to November 2009.

Kijazi, Martin (Dr.): Working as a PDF on the SFMN project on Economics of Aboriginal
Land Use, from October 2007 to December 2009.

Gupta, Sudhanshu (Dr.): Worked as a PDF on the UNEP project on Developing a Comprehensive Understanding of Environment and Development, from January to Oct 2006. 

Kumar, Sushil (Dr.). Worked as a PDF on the SSHRC project on Historical Event Analysis of Forest Certification, 2004-2005.

Hua Shi (Dr.), Worked as a PDF on the UNEP project on Biodiversity Hotspots and Megadiversity Countries, 2002-2003. 

Yadav, J. P. (Dr.), Worked as a PDF on the UNEP project on Intellectual Property Rights and Environment, 2002-2003.

Yaoqui Zhang (Dr.), Worked on the SFMN project on Transaction Costs and Forest Management, 1999-2000.

Visiting Scholars and Students

Includes name, program, year, and project title

Prof. Ying Zhu, College of Economics and Management, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin, China, Visiting Fellow, 2016-17, Valuation of Ecosystem Services

Prof. Qingjian Zhao, Faculty of Forest Economics and Management, Nanjing Forestry University, 2015-16, Valuation of Ecosystem Services

Ms. Yan Liu, Visiting Ph.D. Student, Peking University, China, Jan – March 2016, Forest Tenure Reforms in China

Prof. Gu Lei, School of Economics and Management, Zhejiang Forestry University,2010-
2013, Forest Tenures in China and Canada

Shen Jinyu, Visiting Ph. D. student, Beijing Forestry University, China, 2012-2013, Forest Tenure Reforms in China.

Gao, Jian Zhong. China Scholarship Council Fellowship, 2007-08. Productivity of the Chinese Forest Industry.

Xiao Han, Visiting Student from Beijing Forestry University, 2007-08, Economic Analysis of
Chinese Furniture Industry.

Zhang Xuejian, China Scholarship Council Fellowship, 1998-99, Agricultural Reforms in China

Chen Xianlin, China Scholarship Council Fellowship, 1999-2000, History of Forest
Management in China

Erik Slingerland, EU-Canada Partnership Program, 1999-2000, Social and Economic
Indicators of SFM for Haliburton Forest.

Previous Ph.D. Graduate Students

Includes name, thesis title, and year

Filewod, Ben. Three Studies of the Interaction between Forest Quality and Forest Sector Development. 2022. Assistant Professorial Research Fellow in Conservation Finance, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.

Yiwen, Zhang. Post-2003 collective forest tenure reform in Fujian, China: institutional diversity and farmer’s preferences. 2019. Assistant Professor, Renmin University, Beijing.

Kumar, P. Households’ Preferences, Strategic Interactions, and Joint Forest Management Outcomes. 2017.

G. Casimirri. Outcomes and Prospects for Collaboration in Two Aboriginal and Non- Aboriginal Forest Management Negotiations in Ontario, 2013. 

Tajinder Pal Singh Bhatia. Economic analysis of World’s carbon markets. 2011. 

Wood Peter. Public Forests, Private Governance: The Role of Government in Forest
Certification in Canada. 2009. 

Tang Xiaoli. Economic analysis of north American pulp and paper markets, and competitiveness study for Canadian pulp and paper industry. 2008. 

Khajuria Rajendra. Three essays on real options analysis of forestry investments under stochastic timber prices. 2008. 

Yang, Feng’e. Economic Analysis of Ontario’s Stumpage System, Ph. D., June 2008, 

Shahi, Chandra. Economic Analysis of the North American Softwood Lumber Markets. November, 2007.

Martin Kijazi. Stakeholder-Centered Evaluation of Needs, Priorities and Well-being of Forest Beneficiaries, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, October 2007.

Smith, Peggy. Sustainable Forest Management through Co-management in North-western Ontario, July 2007. 

Robson, Mark. Social Capital, Context, Consensus-building and Cooperation in Community- based Forest Management, 2004.

Kumar Sushil. Organizational Resistance to Community-based Forest Management in Forest Department India, 2004. 

Nguyen Van Ha. Social Capital, Economics, and Waste Management in Vietnam, 2004.

Misra, Dinesh. Production and Efficiency Analysis of Joint Forest Management in Gujarat
State of India, 2004.

Previous Master of Arts or Master of Science in Forestry

Includes name, thesis title, degree awarded, and year 

Shashi and a student
Kumary, P. The Fifth Pathway to Forest Transition in the Andes: Modeling Factors That
Influence Smallholder Tree Planting in Mocoties, Venezuela, M. Sc. F. Thesis, January 2014.

Mu-Quing Huang. Private Environmental Preference (PEP) in Pollution Reduction: Structural Equation Modeling and Cross-Cultural Approaches, M. Sc. F. December 2012.

Sun, Mingli. Economic Impacts of Forest Stewardship Council Certification on International Trade of Forest Products. M. Sc. F. December 2011.

Li, JingJing. Econometric Analysis of Softwood Lumber Production in Ontario. M. Sc. F. September, 2009.

Swaak Natalie. Forest Tenures and their Implications for Exercising Aboriginal and Treaty
Rights on the Kaska Traditional Territory, M. Sc. F. 2008.

Araujo, Michelle. Forest Certification in Brazil: Choices and Impacts, M. Sc. F. 2007.

Lee, Susan. Forest Values and Perceptions of Stakeholders in North-western Ontario, M. Sc. F 2003.

Chakravorty, Kavita. Environment and Children: Perceptions from Calcutta, India, M. A.

Mahapatra, K. Determinants of Tropical Deforestation, M.Sc. F. 2001.

Haijin Shi. Growth Model of Hard Maple Forest in Southern Ontario, M. Sc. F. 2000.

Previous Master of Forest Conservation Students 

Includes name, thesis title, and year 

Kim, Hyemin. The Economic Value of Private Woodlots in Southern Ontario. December 2019.

Gupta, C. Ecological Restoration Policies in Canada. December 2018.

Singh, A. Evaluation of Feasibility of Lumber Export Options to Different Countries in International Market. December 2018.

Edwards, C. Incorporating Indigenous Values in the Management of Post-fire Forest Landscapes: A Case Study of the Beatton Airport Salvage Harvest and Blueberry River First Nations. December 2017.

Parag, K. Ecosystem-service based offset program and its governance structure for parks and protected areas. December 2017.

Peng, Yifeng. A Comparative Analysis of Forest Values of Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal People in Ontario. December 2016.

Lepiano, L. Revisiting the limits Ontario’s Forest Resources Inventory for predicting species composition: A study from the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve, 2015.

Claire Dong. Subjective Well-being Measurements on Haida Gwaii, BC, Canada, 2014.

Niamh Wall. Forest Management in the Middle Hills of Nepal: Barriers to Forest Conservation and User Participation, 2014.

Maliha Haswary. New Canadians and Conservation of Canada’s Forests, 2014.

Paulina, R. Novelo Camacho, Diversification of Novelsa’s production line: A Feasibility Analysis, 2012

Sara Hipson. Legislative Approach to Combating Illegal Logging. 2011.

Elena Korshikov. Reverse Auction to PES Program in Ontario. 2011.

Dunn, Ian. Ontario’s Proposed Tenure and Timber Pricing Reform: Implications for
Governance and Forest Ownership. 2010.

O’Brien, Janice. Payment for Ecological Goods and Services: Recommendations for the Eastern Ontario Model Forest, 2008.

Korol, Christine. Current Perspectives of the High Conservation Value Forest Process in Ontario’s FSC-Certified Forests, 2008.

Lawson, Sarah. Gone Fishing: A Case Study of the Tourism: Forestry Interface in North- western Ontario, 2004.

Medwidsky, Y. W. Biodiversity Indicators and FSC Certification of Small Landowners in the
Valdivian Eco-region of Southern Chile. 2004.

David Richardson. Community-based Solid Waste Management System in Hanoi, Vietnam. 2003.

Larissa Parag.  Evaluation of Gender Sensitive Interventions in the Hills Leasehold Forestry and Forage Development Project, Nepal. 2002.

Shawn Carry. Diffusion of Innovations and Vegetation Management in Ontario.2002.

Christine M. Comparative Analysis of Village responses to Eco-development Project in
Panch Tiger Reserve India, 2002.

Casimirri, G.Trees Outside Forests: A Case Study of Perceptions and Issues in Madhya
Pradesh, India, 2001.

Jaeger, T. Protected Areas and Local Livelihoods: A Case Study from Hainan Island, P. R. China, 2001.

Marzinotto, E. Land use Patterns and Tribal Village Dependency on Forest Resources in the Betual District, M. P., India, 2001.

David Silva, J. Creation of Small-Scale Enterprises Based on Non-timber Forest Products, M. P. India., 2001.

Dowsley, M. The Development of a Framework for the Analysis of Multiple-use Common Pool Resource Institutions of Indigenous Amazonians, with Case Studies from the Yanomami and Kaapo Peoples of Brazil, 2001.

Teitelbum, S. Tourism and Forest Community Sustainability, 2000, Ph. D. Candidate, University of New Brunswick, Canada

Denise Allen. Political, Social, and Professional Forestry Paradigm: The Pursuit of Community Forestry in B.C., 1999.

Chiu, Marian. China's Policy Reforms, Bamboo Production and Local Economy: A Case Study of Linan County, Zhejiang Province, People's Republic of China, 1999.

Newton, J. The Kendu Leaf Trade in Orissa, India, 1999.

Cooke, Roshan. Long-term Sustainability of Joint Forest Management in Madhya Pradesh, India, 1998.

Moss, Nick. Community Forestry in Vencedores, M.F.C.1998.

Spinnaze, Maria. Market Potential for Certification in Ontario, Canada, M.F.C. 1998.

Shashi and a student laughing

Previous Undergraduate Students (with thesis)

Includes name, thesis title, and year 

Azzarello, Samantha. 2010. Public Good Games for Local and Global Public Goods.

Long, Feinan. 2010. The Effect of Tenure Uncertainty on Mau Forest Exploitation: the Legacy of Legal Plurality

Leung, Wanda. 2008. Corporate Social Responsibility and Aboriginal Rights and Values.

Undergraduate Students who Completed their NSERC/ SSHRC Excellence Award 

Includes name, paper title, and year 

Cheung, Quentin. Worked as a Summer Intern for four months on NSERC Funded Project - Analysis of Forest Certification Programs in Canada. Summer 2016.

Edwards, Catherine. Worked as a Summer Intern for four months on SSHRC Funded Project – Environmental Values of Students. Summer 2014

Tan, Yuan. Worked as a Summer Intern for four months on SSHRC Funded Project – Community Wellbeing Index of First Nation Communities. Summer 2013.

Degrees in Progress

Includes name, thesis title, degree, and expected year of graduation 

Cortes, M. Oscar. International Trade of Forest Products. Ph. D. December 2022.

Tenneti, Ambika. Community engagement in Toronto’s urban forest: Exploring space for newcomer immigrants, Ph. D. December 2022.

Qiu, Lingling. Examining the economic effects of forest carbon sequestration in poverty-stricken ethnic minority areas of China: A case of Novartis Sichuan Forestry Project (NSFP). December 2022.

Zhe Dai. Forest Management by Minority Communities in Southwest China: Collective Co-management Modes, Household Forest Investment, and Social Relations. September 2024.

Han Xiao. Timber and Forest Land Markets in China. Ph. D. On Medical Leave.