Sara Ayachit


Bachelor of Environmental Engineering • JSS Science and Technology University


Sara Ayachit is an environmental engineer driven by a profound passion for creating a sustainable world. Her empathetic nature allows her to recognize that the path to sustainable solutions is as diverse as the challenges we face. She firmly believes in the need for customized strategies rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach to environmental problem-solving. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering from JSS Science and Technology. Her studies have equipped her with expertise in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA),Environmental statistics, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and Environmental management systems.

Sara's commitment to sustainability is shaped by transformative experiences. Leading a student NGO, she actively collaborated with a tribal community, immersing herself in the importance of harmonious coexistence with the environment. As an engineer, Sara focused on research projects that optimized design processes and identified  potential hazards for the Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing, IISc. Her project with the Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organization (CPHEEO) centered around the establishment of continuous water supply systems in urban areas, prompting her to critically examine broader implications and equity in water access, particularly in developing nations. These experiences have highlighted the importance of a holistic understanding of the intricate interplay between natural systems, human activities, profitability, and compliance frameworks.  Driven by this profound insight, Sara is resolutely dedicated to leveraging her expertise and skills to optimize strategies that strike a harmonious balance among these crucial elements.

Sara finds inspiration in immersing herself in different traditions, finding joy in the rich tapestry of diversity that shapes our world. She believes in the boundless nature of our shared humanity, embracing the endless possibilities that arise from our collective existence. In her free time, she explores numismatics, enjoying the world of coin collection and study. She also finds creative fulfilment through cooking, painting, and pottery. Additionally, she nurtures her intellectual curiosity by delving into literature on the origins of mankind and Indigenous practices.