Careers in Sustainability Management

MScSM graduates are equipped to undertake careers in virtually every industry and sector.  Sustainability careers can be very direct, in which a professional works directly in a sustainability-focused role at an organization, or indirect, in which a professional works in a more traditional department or role, but brings a sustainability-lens to everything they do.   In this context, the idea of “sustainability career” is in no way singular; rather, each MScSM alumnus will embark on his or her own career journey, accomplishing diverse but equally important goals along the way. There is no standard career path or career trajectory in sustainability – instead, it is a way of being, versus a specific job title.


When thinking about careers, MScSM students and graduates are encouraged to think about what particular industries or sectors they feel connected to, and how they might be able to make a difference in their own way.  For some graduates, their strength is in areas like policy and government as a means to affect change. For others, their area of interest is in the private sector or corporate world, working with large or small corporations to influence sustainable development.  For still others, working in education or the non-profit route is the perfect fit, to contribute to advocacy, youth or adult education, or training in sustainability. Yet others will choose careers in healthcare, technology, consulting or beyond. MScSM students are a wonderfully diverse group of individuals, each with their own strengths and therefore well positioned to pursue careers in a multitude of areas.  

MScSM graduates ultimately work together, cast across many disciplines, to bring sustainability to their respective organizations, and contribute to a positive society.

What unites MScSM graduates in their careers is their common goal: to contribute to a sustainable world.