Gurdeep Kang

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Honours Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science & Biology • University of Toronto 


Gurdeep Kang graduated from the University of Toronto with a double major in Environmental Science and Biology, and minor in Environmental Management. She later pursued a post-graduate certificate in Project Management. She has dedicated her educational career to studying the environment, and is interested in pursuing a career where her role helps to protect and preserve our plant. Gurdeep has held positions as an Environmental Educator and Energy Assessor; she looks forward to undertaking new professional roles.

Gurdeep hopes to tackle large scale problems, such as climate change and other environmental issues by focusing on the environmental impacts businesses and organizations have due to unsustainable practices. Her interest lies with how businesses do or do not incorporate environmental sustainability throughout business strategies, long-term goals, and company policies. She plans to work with organizations to develop and adapt new strategies that incorporate environmental protection.

Gurdeep feels deeply connected to the earth, and feels strongly about taking care of our home. 

Gurdeep's MScSM Internship: RPRA


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