Charlotte Reid


Honours Specialization in Environmental Science • Western University


Charlotte completed her undergraduate degree with an Honours Specialization in Environmental Science in 2023. She developed a strong passion for sustainability, particularly in the areas of clean energy, decarbonization, and water security. Her academic pursuits allowed her to gain a fulsome understanding of ecological systems, biodiversity conservation, environmental chemistry, and the importance of sustainable practices.

During her time at Western University, Charlotte conducted an honours thesis project focused on mercury contamination in thermokarst lakes in Old Crow Flats, Yukon. Through laboratory analysis, use of statistical software, and a comprehensive final paper, she demonstrated an ability to conduct rigorous scientific research. This experience led her towards an interest in water security and environmental stewardship. 

She has also gained valuable experience through a range of roles that have further enriched her understanding of sustainability. As a Community-Based Water Monitoring Coordinator at Swim Drink Fish, she actively participated in water sample collection and laboratory testing while fostering educational collaborations with community members. This role enabled her to broaden the company’s outreach and develop additional testing locations, emphasizing her commitment to community engagement.

Charlotte has a background as a professional ballet and contemporary dancer, showcasing her artistic side and discipline. In her free time, Charlotte enjoys snowboarding, surfing, yoga, and hiking. These activities allow her to connect with nature, maintain an active lifestyle, and find inspiration in the outdoors. She is eager to collaborate with fellow students and industry professionals to drive sustainable innovation and develop solutions that address the pressing challenges of our time.