Quanzheng Wang

Randy Wang

Bachelor of Arts, Geology (Geophysics Track), Minor in Nordic Studies • University of Colorado Boulder


Quanzheng graduated from University of Colorado Boulder with an undergraduate degree in Geology (Geophysics track) and a minor in Nordic Studies in 2020. He took many courses related to the environment, and having the background in geology and quantitative analysis helped him to better understand some of the environmental issues.

In the next two years following his graduation, he worked as an exploration geologist for Zijin Mining Group in China, Serbia and Morocco, searching for various type of metal ore. At first he was deployed to a remote village in the mountains between Shanxi and Inner Mongolia province in China, where he acquired the basic skills as an exploration geologist and witnessed the hardship faced by local miners and community. Then he was deployed to Bor, Serbia, where he spent time in the field and communicated with the locals on a daily basis. He realized that people living near the mines frequently face similar problems, such as water pollution, loss of agricultural land and relocation, which are complicated issues that always accompanies the mining industry. After that, He was sent to Morocco to investigate the mining industry and study for the local law related to mining. Then he returned to China and worked in the resource investment department in Beijing, where he learned and participated due diligence on potential projects around the world. The two years of working in mining company encouraged him to dive into sustainability with confidence and ambition, as he realized that ESG is becoming an inalienable part in almost all industries.

Quanzheng is an outdoor person, he likes backpacking, skiing, rock climbing, and he loves to travel, meet people and learn about different cultures by reading and visiting museums. He was born and raised in Hangzhou, China, an innovative city with mountains, wetland and lakes.  He likes to hike the mountains and lakes not only for the relaxation gifted by the nature, but also for the scent of rich history of this city that has mingled so well with the nature. He really enjoys spending time in his hometown, but he chose to go the U.S for high school and university. This decision really broadened his vision, and from there he continued to explore the world. In his sophomore year he did an exchange program to Sweden, and travelled to fourteen countries in Europe. Coming to UTM and its Sustainability Management program is my next journey, and I wish I could learn and explore as much as I could, and help improve the sustainability of our society .