Chloe Wu


Honours Bachelor of Science, Chemical Biology (Co-op) • McMaster University


The world is a mosaic of various interconnected elements, forming a complex tapestry of interdependent relationships, rather than isolated fragments. Chloe’s journey to sustainability is driven by her recognition of this reality. Keen on bridging theory and practical application, she joined McMaster’s Chemical Biology co-op program. This not only deepened her understanding of chemical principles, but also unveiled the interplay of scientific disciplines with the real world.

The turning point of Chloe’s journey was when her aspiration to join the personal care industry led to a discovery of the complex web of connections within consumer packaged goods. The deeper she dived, the more aware she became of the ethical dilemmas in raw material sourcing and the environmental impacts of packaging, coupled with rampant misinformation. Realizing the same issue plagued climate action, Chloe found herself disheartened not only by the seemingly insurmountable mountain of misleading information among consumers, but also by the deliberate efforts of powerful actors in spreading misinformation for material gain. From then on, she realized that it was not enough to be technically correct, nor to simply understand the facts. She realized truth in any meaningful sense was not objective, but a product of collective belief enabled through systems of power. In the face of this, Chloe has propelled herself towards a path of understanding and actively working towards a more holistic and interconnected approach to sustainability.

Fueled by her frustration with the prevailing status quo, this led her to a part-time role at Ardra Inc, an innovative biotech startup focused on sustainable ingredients. Embracing her affinity for food and creativity, Chloe channeled her skills into crafting persuasive marketing content, igniting a passion for sustainable foods and advocating informed consumer behavior.

For a scientist like Chloe, she saw the world as a puzzle. Her scientific prowess and technical knowledge, developed through her studies, professional experiences and travels, serve as a canvas for a rich cultural and environmental education. In the tapestry of Vietnam, she observed traditional practices and community-based methods that inherently uphold sustainability. Thailand, in its vibrant hues, taught her about the imprints of environmental stewardship in their religious beliefs through the idea of “sufficiency economy.” And in the bustling developed metropolises of Hong Kong and Singapore, she witnessed sustainability manifest in advanced technological practices, illustrating modern dimensions of environmental preservation.

These experiences made Chloe recognize that the puzzle she was piecing together was intrinsically tied to the human condition. Her understanding of socio-cultural theory extends beyond the textbooks and literature from which they are derived and reaches out into the vibrant, bustling world around her. These experiences not only reshaped her preconceptions but also underscored the role of diverse perspectives and policy in addressing global environmental and socio-economic challenges. She learned that theories were valuable only as they meaningfully contextualize the world, its issues, and their potential solutions.

In her spare time, Chloe loves chasing waterfalls, visiting and hiking other natural wonders, watching the rain, photographing street cats, and trying new foods. She has a natural curiosity for food, nature, culture and history – how they intersect and influence each other as well as how they differ across different social and political climates. Chloe also has a soft spot for animals and has a pet cat (Archie) and dog (Bailey)!