Ariel Fabbro


Bachelor of Arts • Global Studies • Vancouver Island University

Spanish Language and Culture Certificate • Vancouver Island University


Ariel Fabbro is a graduate of Vancouver Island University, where he completed his bachelor's degree with a Major in Global Studies. The interdisciplinary aspect of the Global Studies program has given him a unique academic background in which he developed a unique global perspective that draws on various social sciences. He also completed a Proficiency in Spanish Language and Culture Certificate while attending Vancouver Island University.

This past summer, as part of his MScSM work term placement, Ariel had the opportunity to apply his education from the MScSM program to a company who’s values and purpose align with the MScSM program. Green Chair Recycling Inc. is a Vancouver based social enterprise striving to reveal the potential for private companies to have a purpose beyond profit, while remaining economically sustainable. As an Assistant Project Coordinator Ariel gained well rounded experience, which included management, marketing, and report writing responsibilities. This rich experience coupled with his past experience volunteering at fundraisers and coaching football camps has developed his communication and leadership skills.

With the insights he gained from his internship experience, Ariel plans to focus his second year coursework on topics relating social enterprises and extended producer responsibility. After completing his MScSM he hopes to use his experience and education to create a meaningful impact working for a social enterprise, helping existing companies align their operations following the social enterprise model, or exploring opportunities in social entrepreneurship.

Ariel is also a student-athlete, and dedicates a lot of his time to his athletic endeavors as a member of the University of Toronto Varsity Blues football team. Apart from football, he enjoys exploring, travelling, and outdoor activities, particularly: snowboarding, hiking, and freediving. 

Ariel's MScSM Internship: Green Chair Recycling


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