Marlo Campbell


Honours Bachelor of Science, Major in Biology, Minor in Environmental Studies • Queen's University 


Marlo graduated from Queen’s University with distinction with a Bachelor of Science (Honours), majoring in Biology and minoring in Environmental Studies in 2022. She also completed a Certificate in Business from the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University. At Queen’s Marlo took courses from various faculties, including courses such as Ecology, Organic Chemistry, Environmental History, and Financial Accounting. Taking an interest in conservation and biodiversity, she wrote her Honours thesis which explored whether chemical and biological proxy data were archived in Northern Common Eider nests in Northern Canada. Through this research, she examined whether it would be feasible to use paleoecological methods to learn more about the population history of Common Eiders, which, if feasible, could shape conservation policy. Marlo also took a seminar course, Paleolimnology and Global Environmental Change, where she presented about the importance of peat to global carbon storage.

Throughout her time at Queen’s, Marlo explored her interest in sustainability further through her involvement in the sustainability community at Queen’s. In her fourth year, she was the Waste Mitigation Director for Queen’s Backing Action on the Climate Crisis. She worked with her team to carry out many sustainability initiatives, including a successful electronic waste drive on campus. She was also a Logistic Coordinator for the Queen’s Sustainability Conference, where she ensured seamless event execution by distributing Zoom links, running screen sharing, and more. Marlo wants to take the skills and passion she has developed through these experiences to help businesses improve sustainability.

She is currently working at an environmental education non-profit where she is developing a comprehensive curriculum for an upcoming youth education program tailored to individuals aged 16-27 with the goal of enhancing personal development and empowering effective advocates for sustainability. 

As a lifelong hockey player, Marlo shares her passion as an assistant coach to an under-18 competitive girls hockey team. She enjoys fostering positive relationships with players and parents to encourage female athletes to reach their full potential. When not at school or the rink, Marlo enjoys baking and reading.