MScSM Awards

The MScSM is proud to offer, and support, three awards for students. 

We are grateful to the donors and sponsors of these awards, whose generosity enables our students to reach their sustainability goals.

The UTM Equity and Diversity Award

“Sustainability doesn’t mean equal money, but it does mean equal opportunity. If there’s no equity for our students, how can we think about it for society?” - Professor Shashi Kant

Equity and Diversity are among the world's critical challenges.  This Award is a step toward inclusivity.  We hope that individuals and organizations who are passionate about a sustainable world and ardent supporters of equity, diversity and inclusion will join the MScSM Program in growing the value of this Award. 

The Equity and Diversity Award of $2,500, is designed to ease the financial barriers to education, improve student mental health and well-being, and allow students to realize their passion for a better world.  The award will support one MScSM student a year on the basis of demonstrated financial need, with preference given to Black and Indigenous students and students who are registered with Accessibility Services at UTM. Both domestic and international students are eligible to apply.

This is an open Award, which means that small or large contributions may be made to expand it at any time.  Individuals or organizations wishing to contribute to the Equity and Diversity Award, to further its reach, are invited to do so here.

If you wish to support the development of additional Equity and Diversity Awards, please contact Professor Shashi Kant for details.


The Stephen Bede Scharper Fellowship

The Stephen Bede Scharper Fellowship of $2,500 is awarded to annually to one first-year MScSM student on the basis of financial need and academic merit (open to both domestic and international students). It recognizes those with a demonstrated interest in global sustainability and a commitment to the values of social and environmental justice, holistic human well-being, and the betterment of humanity.


The Alectra Graduate Fellowship in Sustainability Management

The Alectra Graduate Fellowship in Sustainability Management ($5,500) is awarded annually to one student enrolled in the MScSM Program on the basis of academic merit. Students will have demonstrated a genuine commitment to advancing sustainability through scholarship, extra-curricular activities, or past professional experience, Preference will be given to students with an interest in sustainable energy management. Preference may also be given to students with financial need.

Creating a new Award or Fellowship

Individuals or organizations who wish to create a new Award or Fellowship to support students and their educational journies are encouraged to do so by connecting with Professor Shashi Kant, Director of the MScSM Program.