Samantha DiIorio

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Bachelor of Science (Hons.), Biology, Minor in Environmental Science • McMaster University


Samantha lives in Ancaster, Ontario and graduated from McMaster University in 2017 with an Honours Bachelor of Science. Samantha’s undergraduate courses have varied from cellular biology, organic chemistry and physiology & anatomy, until she found her love for the planet and sustainability. She then focused her degree on courses discussing ecology, conservation biology, environmental science and sustainability. 

After working in the service industry for many years, Samantha worked for a non-profit organization called Sustainable Hamilton Burlington after graduation. She started as a volunteer, then soon after began an internship through Canada Summer Jobs where she interacted with members and began planning Sustainable Hamilton Burlington’s educational events. Through this experience, she learned about what businesses in the Hamilton and Burlington area are implementing to ensure a sustainable business model and drive prosperous cities. For three years, Samantha volunteered her time as a student representative for the Faculty of Science at McMaster. Samantha enjoyed many hours providing support and guidance for incoming first-year students and their parents through numerous orientation events. 

In the future, Samantha envisions sustainable communities, where businesses and local citizens are all doing their part to live sustainably and she hopes to be very active in this movement toward prosperous societies. For fun, Samantha enjoys spending time with friends and family, outdoor activities and solving puzzles. 

Samantha's MScSM Internship: The City of Mississauga


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