Deep Parekh


Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) , Sustainable and Renewable Energy • Carleton University 


Deep graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sustainable and Renewable Energy from Carleton University in 2017. During his undergraduate years, he was involved in research on capstone projects focusing on high-performance new construction houses and energy efficiency in renewable biofuel production processes.

After his graduation, Deep started his professional career at Burman Energy, an energy consultation and management company that provided energy management services to clients in the utility, commercial and industrial sectors. He mainly worked with utility clients in Ontario by assisting Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) in implementing energy efficiency programs under the saveONenergy brand. His last job was as a Project Engineer at Resource Innovations, which offers software-enabled clean energy solutions for utilities, commercial, residential, and industrial consumers. He performed research, planning, and analysis activities for utilities to provide actionable insights into GHG impacts of energy conservation programs, energy affordability, electric vehicle, electrification, and load flexibility.

Throughout his career, Deep has promoted energy efficiency to various clients ranging from small business owners to some of the largest manufacturers and utilities. Although energy efficiency is vital to sustainability, these organizations usually overlook other aspects of sustainability practice. Deep aspires to promote sustainability practice that goes beyond energy efficiency by encouraging collaborative actions by businesses, individuals, government policies and incentives.

Deep regularly plays Cricket, Badminton, Soccer, and Pickle Ball in his free time, and he is always open to trying new sports. He also manages his own Cricket club and promotes sustainability throughout the club.