Chuang (Johnson) Zhang


Bachelor of Environmental Studies • University of Waterloo


Chuang Zhang is a Chinese foreign student who is presently enrolled in the MSc program in Sustainable Management. He completed a bachelor's degree in environmental and business at the University of Waterloo before to enrolling in this program. He held many internships throughout his five years as an undergraduate, including ones at Shanghai Zhongrong Chemical Co. and Ping An Insurance of China.

The SDGs and sustainability are two things that Chuang Zhang is enthusiastic about working for. He used to concentrate on sustainable urban planning and transportation, but he now has a far broader range of interests. At the University of Waterloo, Chuang Zhang attended various research reports regarding sustainability in a wide range of dimensions. Through the professional course of study, Chuang Zhang has gained tremendous knowledge in sustainable development and related professional skills. Notable Coursework includes corporate sustainability accounting and reporting, principles of industrial ecology, environmental law, etc.

Chuang Zhang has a diverse variety of interests outside of work. He has a complete license for scuba diving and loves to travel, particularly to island countries. He also enjoys bodybuilding, computer games, and basketball.