Maggie Tuer

Maggie Tuer

Honours Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science, Minor in Mathematics • Queen's University


Maggie graduated from Queen’s University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree specializing in Environmental Science and minoring in Mathematics. During her time at Queens, Maggie took multidisciplinary courses ranging from Environmental Assessment and Sustainability to Bioenergy and Statistics. Maggie is interested in the intersection of science, sustainability and business, and identifying the tools required to break our current cycle of overconsumption and resource extraction. In her final year, she wrote an Honours thesis which investigated the feasibility of using woody byproducts to produce bio-oil through pyrolysis in British Columbia. Through this research, she closely examined the ecological and technological aspects of creating a sustainable energy system, as well as the existing production and economic limitations. Moving forward in her studies, Maggie is interested in applying a similar multidisciplinary lens to clothing production and consumption - analyzing current trends of “fast fashion” and exploring methods to reduce the high levels of CO2 emissions and waste currently associated with the industry.

During her undergrad, Maggie pursued her interest in sustainable consumption as Volunteer Coordinator of the Queen’s Earth Centre - a not for profit store selling sustainable products on campus. She also acted as Speaker’s Coordinator for the Commerce and Engineering Environmental Conference, allowing her to connect with many established professionals in the environmental field.

Since graduating, Maggie moved back home to Vancouver and has worked full time as a member of Western Forest Products’ Environment Team, giving her critical insight into the natural resource industry. Working on the company’s Environmental Management Standard, specifically, was the perfect introduction to the world of sustainability management, and motivated her to pursue this field further at the University of Toronto.

In her free time, Maggie loves to explore the outdoors in any way possible. She particularly loves to hike, bike, camp, and ski in beautiful British Columbia. 

Maggie's MScSM Internship: Canada Post


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