Mahsa Sajadi


Master of Science in Sustainability Management • University of Toronto Mississauga

Bachelor of Arts • International Studies, Environmental Issues & Economic Development • Simon Fraser University


Mahsa Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. She majored in International Studies with her concentration being focused on environmental issues and economic development. Mahsa also spent a semester abroad in the Netherlands and studied Law and International Relations at the University of Amsterdam. Mahsa’s experience studying abroad allowed her to gain global experience and taught her how to adapt to new environments.

Over the past year, Mahsa has gained vast knowledge regarding sustainability issues and has further expanded her interests in this field. Through course projects relating to Corporate Social Responsibility, she has become very interested in promoting and marketing sustainable practices to a variety of businesses. In addition, she has learned about social ventures and their sustainable business models, which have really inspired her to participate in similar initiatives.

Through her internship at Think Dirty App, Mahsa was able to bridge her two passions for cosmetics and sustainability. Think Dirty App allows consumers to conveniently learn about the potential toxic ingredients in their cosmetic and personal care products by simply scanning those products. This App informs consumers if the ingredients in their products could potentially lead to cancer, reproductive issues, or allergies by dividing and rating each ingredient. It thereupon recommends and allows users to purchase products that are more natural, sustainable, and lack toxic ingredients. Given the start-up nature of this company, Mahsa was able to perform a variety of tasks varying from marketing, business development, data management, and sales. She hopes to apply the skills she learned through this internship to her own business venture in the future.

She hopes that the knowledge and experience she has gained through her first year of graduate studies and internship, will allow her to work towards creating a greener and better future for today and tomorrow.

Mahsa's MScSM Internship: Think Dirty


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