Mary-Kate Pizzuti


Bachelor of Science (Hons.), Agriculture with Major in Animal Science • University of Guelph


Mary-Kate received her Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with Major in Animal Science from the University of Guelph in 2017. Her desire to advocate for the mutual well-being of humanity, animals, and the environment then shaped her calling to pursue a Master of Science in Sustainability Management.

Throughout her university career, Mary-Kate gained a variety of work experience in multiple industries including Agriculture, Hospitality, Landscaping, and Retail.  Additionally, her passion for traveling and gaining new perspectives has taken her to visit and work in various countries such as Iceland, Australia, Bali, and Vietnam. These life and work experiences have provided her with invaluable takeaways that she is able to apply to multifaceted sustainability issues. As a classically trained ballet dancer of 15 years, Mary-Kate has a strong work ethic and is highly motivated to make impactful change.

After completing her undergraduate degree, Mary-Kate obtained a position as a Lead Researcher for a trial in the University of Guelph’s Animal Bioscience Department. This trial focused on swine nutrition and the creation of a sustainable input-output balance within the swine industry. Involvement in this research stimulated Mary-Kate’s conceptual and theoretical awareness of sustainable practices and provided her with hands-on understanding of the industry.

During her recent Co-op term, Mary-Kate worked as an Environmental Coordinator with Liberty Utilities, a renewable energy and utility company.  This opportunity led her to complete various projects such as the consolidation of enterprise ESG data for several reporting frameworks and substantial involvement during the auditing process. Mary-Kate is currently working with Liberty part-time to develop an enterprise-wide waste management program across 126 operational sites in North America, to determine baseline waste generation and develop a target diversion rate for the business.

Outside of her academics, Mary-Kate is a coffee enthusiast who enjoys spending her time in nature participating in outdoor activities such as snowboarding, hiking, camping, and swimming.

Mary-Kate's MScSM Internship: Liberty - Algonquin Power and Utilities Corporation


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