Mary-Kate Pizzuti


Bachelor of Science (Hons.), Agriculture with Major in Animal Science • University of Guelph


Mary-Kate received her Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with Major in Animal Science from the University of Guelph in 2017. Her desire to advocate for the mutual well-being of humanity, animals, and the environment then shaped her calling to pursue a Masters of Science in Sustainability Management.  

After completing her undergraduate degree, Mary-Kate obtained a position as a Lead Researcher for an ongoing trial in the University of Guelph’s Animal Bioscience Department. This trial focuses on swine nutrition and the creation of a sustainable input-output balance within the swine industry. Involvement in this research stimulated Mary-Kate’s conceptual and theoretical awareness of sustainable practices and provided her with hands-on understanding of the industry. Mary-Kate also has extensive experience working with animals in various other capacities, having previously worked as Veterinary Assistant and volunteered on a goat farm.

Outside of academics, Mary-Kate enjoys surrounding herself with positive, healthy architecture and green spaces. She has an eye for interior design and is currently working on the development of a tiny home for her and her partner which is being built to receive the LEED internationally recognized green building certification. Mary-Kate also loves yoga, coffee, and traveling.